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Our Protection Policy on Personal Information

Asahi Carbon and its affiliated companies (this company) are deeply aware of how important your personal information is. To better protect your privacy, Asahi Carbon provides the following policies that apply to this site for our customers and all stakeholders to trust and favor us as well as for ourselves to be proud of.

1. Purpose to use your personal information

In case this company is provided with your personal information, we will use it within the specific purpose indicated to you.

2. None-disclosure of your personal information to third parties

Asahi Carbon does not disclose, transfer or lend the personal information you submit to our site to any third parties. Notwithstanding this obligation shall not apply to the following:

  1. When we obtain your permission.
  2. When we find it necessary to disclose it to Asahi-affiliated companies or agencies in order to answer any inquiries from you.
  3. When we find it necessary to disclose information to other companies Asahi Carbon hires that have a confidentiality agreement with this company in order to implement what was indicated to you.
  4. When it is necessary to disclose it to financial institutions in order to pay the price of purchased products or paid services.
  5. In case it is disclosed in a way that the person concerned cannot be recognized (statistical documents, etc.).
  6. In case of being required to disclose such information by law, policy, guidelines, etc.

In case it is requested to disclose or process personal information protected by our company, at the same time that we are committed to conduct necessary supervision for its proper and secure protection we also have enough consideration selecting sponsors and entrusts.

3. Management of personal information

Our company properly manages the personal information we receive and take protective and safety measures to prevent wrongful access, loss, destruction, alteration and leakage of personal information. We also continuously train out personnel regarding proper handling of personal information.

4. Inquiries, corrections or deletion of personal information

If you would like to inquire, make any corrections or request deletion of your personal information, we will promptly do so according to our specified procedures.

5. Legal and normative compliance revisions

Our company complies with applicable laws and norms regarding personal information and continues to improve our approach to protect it.

January 1st 2015
Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd.
Makio Ohashi