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Jun, 1951:
Established with a capital of 10,000,000 yen.
Oct, 1951:
Production of carbon black started using natural gas.
Jul, 1963:
Capital increased to 100,000,000 yen.
Jun, 1964:
Devastated during the Niigata Earthquake.
Nov, 1964:
Bulk product transportation by freight car started.
Jul, 1965:
Soft carbon black technology supplied to Nitetsu Kagaku Kogyo (now Shin Nitetsu Kagaku).
Jun, 1968:
Bulk product transportation by bulk truck started.
Dec, 1971:
Contract signed with Poland to export technology.
Feb, 1972:
Contract signed with Rumania to export technology.
Jun, 1973:
Tokyo branch was opened.
Dec, 1973:
Contract signed with Rumania to export technology for additional installations.
Oct, 1974:
Capital increased to 200,000,000 yen.
Nov, 1974:
Raw material oil storage tank installation in Niigata East Industrial Port (East Port Oil Tank Facility) was completed.
Dec, 1975:
Hard carbon black technology supplied to Nitetsu Kagaku Kogyo.
Apr, 1976:
Capital increased to 220,000,000 yen.
Apr, 1981:
The Shin Aitoku Maru, a new energy-saving sail-powered ship was charted to transport raw material oil.
Jun, 1982:
Asahi Thermal Pellet Brand product was completed.
Dec, 1987:
Electric power plant was completed.
Sep, 1995:
SA Carbon Co. Ltd. (a company merged with Shin Nitetsu Kagaku) was established.
Dec, 1995:
Number of raw material oil tanks in Niigata East Industrial Port increased.
May, 1996:
Desulphurization equipment was installed.
Dec, 1997:
Line 8 was completed.
Apr, 1998:
Special carbon plant (Line S) was completed.
Aug, 1998:
Asashi Carbon Co., Ltd became a consolidated subsidiary of Bridgestone Corporation.
Feb, 1999:
Power plant's second station was completed.
Feb, 2000:
Certificated ISO 9001.
Aug, 2002:
Capital increased to 1,720,000,000 yen.
Jul, 2003:
Line 9 was completed.
Oct, 2004:
Power plant's third station was completed.
Oct, 2004:
Jul, 2005:
New office and laboratory block were completed.
Dec, 2005:
Awarded ISO 14001certification.
May, 2007:
Became first corporation in Niigata Prefecture to be approved by NEDO to receive a subsidy for green logistics.
Oct, 2008:
Apr, 2009:
Asahi Logistics Co. Ltd was inaugurated as the result of subsidiary unification.
Jul, 2009:
As an environmental measure, a high stack was completed inside the facility.
Jan, 2010:
Became first corporation in Niigata Prefecture to be approved for a Development Bank of Japan subsidy.
Dec, 2011:
Additional raw material oil tanks were installed at the east port tank yard and shipment equipment for lorries was reinforced.
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