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Introduction to main products

Recommended brands according to use and purpose

Use Purpose Recommended brands Functions
For high-class coloring
For plastic pigmentation
For gravure ink
High blackness
High glossiness
Good appearance
SB935 Highest blackness among our products
SB960 Improved dispersion.
Superior deep color and reduced shade balance
For middle-class coloring
For plastic pigmentation
For paint and varnish pigmentation
Middle blackness
Good dispersion
SB305 Both blackness and processability
SB320 Middle blackness is maintained along with superior dispersion
SB710 Processability and dispersion are improved
SB720 Blackness is maintained along with good dispersion
SB735 Suitable for offset printing ink and resin coloring
SB805 Of MCF (Medium Color Furnace) products, it has the highest blackness
For multiple color use
For plastic pigmentation
For paint and varnish
Good dispersion
Blue toning texture
SB200 Both blackness and processability, low foreign-substance content
SB235 Improved dispersion
SB250 Improved red toning and dispersion
SB280 Both high blackness and processability
SB335 Both high blackness and processability
SB605 Among RCF (Regular Color Furnace) products, this has the highest blackness and good dispersion
SB625 Suitable for newspaper printing ink
Quick print ink
Water-based paint and varnish
Good water-based dispersion
Good flow
SBX15 Superior dispersion
SBX25 Both lustrousness and flow balance
SBX45 Superior blackness and lustrousness
SBX55 Superior flow
  1. SB is the abbreviation for "SUNBLACK"