Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd. Joins Niigata Prefecture Carbon Offset System

In order to become a sustainable company, Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd. joined Niigata Prefecture Carbon Offset System. Above efforts to reduce emissions of CO₂ and other greenhouse effect gases produced by daily and economic activities, Carbon offset compensates for greenhouse effect gases that cannot be prevented from being released into the atmosphere, by investing in forest promotion and other activities to reduce them. With the purchase of “Sado Toki*’s forest credit” our company achieves carbon offset equivalent to three company cars fuel and the business cards used by all our employees. Furthermore, by purchasing credit, we also contribute to conserve the forest of Sado city, Niigata prefecture where Toki* live.
*Toki: Japanese crested ibis.

From now on, our company will promote global warming mitigation measures to tackle this global scale common challenge and we will continue to promote not only production but also various kinds of activities related to the reduction of CO₂ emissions.

Please contact the following number for any inquires related to this matter.

Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department, General Affairs Labor Section Manager, Mr. Hideo Ito

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