Display at Niigata Environmental festival 2019

On November 10th, the Niigata prefecture’s citizens environmental department, environmental planning section held the “Niigata Environmental Festival 2019” at Bandaishima multipurpose plaza. For the first time, Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd displayed a booth in that event.

This festival had “Let us all think about the future environment of Niigata” as slogan, and children as well as adults enjoyed several events and learned about the environment. The event has been held since 2018 and in this second year, it welcomed about 3,000 people, about 200 of them visited our booth.

At our booth, we explained visitors about carbon black, which is our product, as well as our company’s approach and activities to reduce CO2. We also displayed an “air free concept” bicycle, which tires do not need to be inflated, a technology that is being developed by our group companies Bridgestone and Bridgestone cycle.

We will continue communicating with our neighbors while actively participating in these kind of events.


Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd General affairs department Mr. Itou, Hideo

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