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Welfare programs

Our club activities

Flower arrangement club

Two Tuesdays a month after work, seven of us, four women and three men, attend a flower arrangement class.
At the beginning we were taught the basic principles and then we are kind of free to try our arrangements. We display our teacher's model in the company lobby or reception room.
As we have different schedules it is difficult for all seven of us to attend classes on the same day, but we see the teacher's model, compare it with our own and enjoy the lessons.

Futsal club

As the club was formed in 1999, we have a mix of experienced players and many beginners, a total of about 20.
Out motto is to play "anytime, against anyone, anywhere." We have a competition once a month, in addition we have barbecue parties with our families and other non-team members and we communicate a lot.

Running club

ARC (Asahi Carbon Running Club) was formed in 2011, it has 15 members.
Among them there are those who run for fun or as a way to get rid of their overweight and others who aim to improve their running records, but they all love sake. Day after day they train hard to take part in the spring and autumn marathons and enjoy the after match parties.

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