ISO 14001

At our company we believe that environmental conservation is of the highest importance among all our corporate social responsibilities. To reduce the environmental damage and pollution that result from carbon black manufacturing, we were ISO 14001 (environmental management system's international standard) certified on December 16, 2005. Based on this ISO 14001standard, we conduct our environmental management system and we aim for even higher levels of environmental preservation through continual improvement.

Content of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

  • Applicable standards: ISO 14001;2015 JIS Q 14001;2015
  • Certified by: ASR Co.,Ltd.
  • Date: December 16, 2005
  • Registration number: E1954
  • Recipient: Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd.
  • Rank of certification activities: Development,manufacture and Sales of Carbon Black
  • In-premises affiliated business:
    • Asahi Carbon Logistics Co. Ltd
      [Receive Orders, Packing, Storage and Shipping of Carbon Black]
    • Asahi Carbon Logistics Co.,Ltd
      Logistics OPeration Department
      Transportation Facility
      [Storage, Transportation of Carbon Black and Transportation of Raw Oil]
    • Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd East Port Oil Tank Facility
      [Receiving, Storage and Distribution of Raw Oil]
    • Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd East Port East Lorry Station
      [Distribution of Raw Oil]