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Natural resources and energy-saving activities

Energy Saving Bureau

Our company consumes a great deal of energy to produce carbon black.
We were appointed as an energy management plant and to achieve "past five years' energy-related specific consumption unit improvement of more than 1% of the annual average" established by law, the Energy Saving Bureau is at the center of all the corporation's activities.
From 2004 to 2009, these activities resulted in an annual decrease of 2.5%.
We are also implementing natural resource-saving activities to protect the natural environment.

Detailed natural resources and energy-saving activities are as follows:

Promotion of energy-saving equipment in the plant

Powered equipment in our plant is operated efficiently, thus saving electricity, water and heat.

Operation of our privately-owned electrical power facility

We use the by-product gas that results from carbon black production to generate electricity.
This electricity is used for our plant equipment and part of it is sold to neighborhood businesses through electric power utilities.

Effective use of CO2

To reduce the amount of CO2 generated and released into the atmosphere during electricity generation, we supply it to a neighbor company for its use in papermaking.

Water recycling system

Most of the water used in manufacturing carbon black is industrial water. After being used, part of it is collected in storage tanks and reused.

Zero emission of industrial waste

In July 2008, we achieve zero emission of industrial waste, an achievement that continues today.

Paper recycling

Paper used in our offices is not disposed of but recycled. We also reduce the use of paper through e-documentation.