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CSR procurement policy

Procurement policy

We continue fair and equitable procurement and maintain coexistence and mutual benefit relationships with our partners, by implementing the following items:

  • Aim for fair and equitable procurement.
  • Pursue improvement of QCD (quality, cost, delivery)
  • Take the environment into consideration, promote green procurement
  • Thorough compliance and confidentiality
  • Involvement in CSR activities

A request to our partners

We believe in going forward with CSR activities in mutual cooperation with all our partners.
Below is a resume of our CSR evaluation items and standards. These are the standards we have as goals and we consider them to be the basis for mutual development with our partners.

CSR compliance Standards Detailed examples
(Human rights, compliance, information management)
Respect for human rights
  • Forced labor is prohibited
  • Child labor is prohibited
  • Management of proper working time
  • Payment of wages as stipulated by law
  • Abuse, sexual harassment, and punishment are prohibited
Compliance with laws and regulations Thorough information management
  • Information from our company is strictly managed
Environment Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  • Environmental permission registration and continuity management
  • Conform with laws and regulations
Safety and disaster prevention Assurance of safe working environments
  • Workplace safety management
  • Assurance of machinery safety
Substantial management of employees' health
  • Counseling and case management
  • Efforts toward light work
Prevention of fires and other disasters
  • Preparations in case of accidents
Quality Assurance of required specifications, efforts to improve quality  
Delivery (supply) Steady supply
  • Clarification of standardization system
  • Education and training
  • Retain a traceability system
Management Clear mid- and long-term management policies  
Clarification of standards for selecting suppliers
  • Clarification of standards for selecting suppliers
Finance Maintenance of a sound financial condition  
Technology Active investment for technology development  
Swift and accurate response to customers' demands  

Flow of business with new partners

Selection of new business partners:

New business selection flow