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CSR activities

Our company has the mission to "grow into a suggestion-giving company" and we aim to form a team that can give suggestions and take spontaneous action being conscious of "going from half to full steps."
As a corporation and as employees, we positively fulfill our responsibilities to society through corporate management and a range of activities, and we work with a sense of pride to achieve trust through our implication of each activity.
CSR activities are the very philosophy of our corporate management. We stand on our stakeholders positions when conducting corporate activities.

  • Approach to CSR activities
    Approach to CSR activities
  • CSR 22 Focus Points
    CSR 22 Focus Points
  • CSR purchase policy
    CSR purchase policy

General Entrepreneur Action Plan

General Business Action Plan (4th term)

Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd.

Mission: Prepare an in-house environment where our employees and their families can raise their children and at the same time, attempt to consolidate an easy-to-work environment that all our employees can feel aiming to achieve work life balance.

1. Term of the plan
 February 1st 2021 to January 31 2025 (four years).

2. Content
 Purpose1: initiative aimed to reduce overtime (40% reduction compared to 2019)

From January 2021: (1) introduce and implement “no overtime” every Friday (in addition to every Wednesday)
From January 2021: (2) revise each department’s section jurisdiction work according to implementation of business inventory
From January 2022: (3) after standardization of business inventory implementation, promote optimization utilizing IT
Every month: (4) feedback of each section’s overtime results to management
→linked to enhanced management of working hours

 Purpose 2: Regarding yearly paid vacation, get over 50% of all employees to take it and achieve average acquisition rate of more than 75%

From February 2021: (1) understand acquisition condition and points that need improvement and share challenges and measures of related departments
Every month: (2) feedback to management each section’s yearly paid vacation acquisition condition
→ linked to follow up by belonging member regarding acquisition acceleration
Each year from July to October: (3) continue implementation of month-campaign to enhance paid vacation acquisition
→ target: 2 days/person during campaign term