CSR approach

Through the practice of CSR, we seek to embody our company's philosophy. We believe that to rise the general level of CSR activities means not only to improve our ability, but also to approach our vision.
Our company is positioned on two wheels, one is CSR as a social organization, and the other is CSR by each single employee to promote our CSR activities.

Organization's CSR -CSR activities promotion following our business activities-

Our company bases its management's core on CSR, and for us its promotion following our business activities is something we regard as most important.
Our company's midterm plan represents our vision for the future, which basically requires setting policies and implementation plans to achieve it.

When presenting the vision of our midterm plan, we set clear midterm plan targets, looking not only at our business challenges but also at CSR focus points.
We take action with the aim of achieving these targets, and CSR activities are developed in the center of the management cycle through which the results of our achievements are evaluated.

CSR focus points included in the achievement of our midterm plan targets are linked to our responses to social demands and also promote the further application of our company's corporate philosophy.

CSR and Framework to Decide Midterm Management Plan
CSR Management Circle

Declaration of Human Rights

Fundamental Ideas About Respect for Human Rights

For Asahi Carbon as a member of the Bridgestone Group, to conduct business at our local community, we respect human rights, accept diversity and respect each of our employees as equal human beings. We make efforts to impregnate Bridgestone "Stance of Human Rights," in to our company and all employees.

Needless to say, besides respecting fundamental human rights, we pledge "prohibition of discrimination", "no harassment" and "no child labor/forced labor" and conduct our business activities based on our stance in order to be accepted globally and by our local community.

"BS Group's Stance of Human Rights"

  1. Prohibition of discrimination

    In all corporate activities, Bridgestone prohibits any acts that impair individual dignity or discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, language, religion, creed, social status, and disability or any other related factors.

  2. No harassment

    No personnel shall speak or act in ways that degrade individual dignity based on issues such as gender, authority or any other type of harassment.

  3. No child labor/forced labor

    Bridgestone prohibits child labor/forced labor in any country.