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Social contribution

We not only contribute to society through our business operations, we also participate in social contribution activities that are useful for the community.

1. Community's environmental conservation

  • We volunteer to gather trash in the area (twice a year since 2006).
  • Implementation of car-free day.
  • We promote lights-off policy.

2. Plant visits and training

  • We provide school visits on request by the elemetary schools nearby.
  • We accept neighbor schools for plant visits.
  • We have internship programs.

3. Communication with the community

  • We are volunteers at the Niigata Tokimeki sports competition.
  • River-cleaning activities.
  • We join traffic safety activities in cooperation with the neighborhood.

4. Others

  • Blood donation (we received the Niigata Prefecture Governor's Prize in 2010)
  • Eco cap campaign.
  • We joined Niigata city "ecomobi" promotion movement (2017 award of excellence)
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